Membership of the Parocial Church Council (The PCC)

The PCC at St. Mary's is responsible for the financial affairs of the church and the care and maintenance of the church fabric and its contents.  These latter responsibilities are executed by churchwardens or other volunteers. The PCC also has a voice in the form of service used by the church and may make representations to the bishop and deanery synod on matters affecting the welfare and pastoral care of the parish. 

Our PCC is a registered charity and PCC members are the trustees of the charity. New members are elected at the Annual General meeting. We hold regular monthly meetings which alternate between business meetings and meetings around themed subjects.

The members of the PCC are listed below:- 

Clergy: Andrew Petit; Valerie Gibbons;

Churchwardens: Michael Wolf: Rebecca Thomasson; 

Other members: Ben Chapman; Chris Greenhalgh; Graham McClure; David Newbold; Alice Penney (Safeguarding officer); Richard Price; Margaret Richards; Mary Ruston;
Malcolm Singh (Treasurer); Susie Weatherley; 

Deaney Synod reps: Joan Gander; Thea Price

Secretary: Jane GIbbons